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Pet Photoshoot - Riley's Birthday Fundraiser


We are celebrating our Tail Wagger Riley’s 1st birthday with a fundraiser on Sunday, March 24th, 2:00-5:00PM. We will have birthday cake for parents, a birthday cake for Riley, dog treats and playtime at the Heartland Dog Park, Gilroy, CA. We are offering pet portraits for only $15 dollars! Come on down and invite your friends.

As a little puppy, Riley, was once at County of Santa Clara Animal Care & Control in San Martin but due to over crowding became a Tail Wagger. Now Riley is turning 1 years old, and she wants to give back to the group that kept her safe -- so she is calling all Tail Waggers and friends to join in her birthday fundraiser. Because of SCTW’s dear friend Sondra Alexandre, we were made aware of a very important need. Riley and South County Tail Waggers are raising money to get the photography equipment the County of Santa Clara Animal Care & Control needs to take great pictures of homeless animals so they can save more lives. Great pictures help shelter animals find their forever homes by capturing attention and showing off their charming personalities.

Shelter Art Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on increasing the visibility of shelter animals, came to the San Martin Animal Shelter and created a custom-built photo studio while providing a hands-on workshop for the shelter staff! SAF founder, Steve Sloop, trained interim Shelter Supervisor, Jeremy Selbach, and his team how to take GREAT photos.

Shelter Art Foundation states that, “in today’s digital landscape, many potential adopters are searching online for a companion to adopt. Therefore, an online image can be a crucial first-impression of a shelter animal: often the difference between being adopted or being forgotten.”

Come down and support our fundraiser or donate to help save lives.

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