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On a cold night in November 2015, a young miniature pinscher mix stood behind a garbage can, trembling with fear, in a neighborhood she clearly did not recognize. For hours, we tried to catch her, but she kept evading us and would return to the trash can. It was very clear that she had been dumped, and she was waiting for her family to return. They never did. After a medical exam, we learned that she was not spayed nor microchipped. In fact, she was going into heat, which means had she not been saved that night, she would have very likely become pregnant while she was homeless. There would have been another litter of puppies running around, with no family or home to call their own.


A couple of important things happened that November . . . that miniature pinscher found her forever family, and was named Mickie. She loves her pack, her parents and Ritz crackers. Mickie is a vocal, little, thief. Everything she finds becomes "treasures" to bring back to her crate where she enjoys sleeping under the covers.

The other important thing that happened – South County Tail Waggers was born!

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Our first order of business was to help the homeless dogs at Gilroy & Morgan Hill Police Department’s holding kennels. We wanted to make sure they were warm, comfortable, safe, and dry while they waited to be reunited with their families. We organized blanket/sweater/toy drives for the pups, and created a laundry system and put a team in place.


However we quickly realized – we have to do more! But what? We decided that SCTW was going to build South County’s first-ever, private, no-kill animal sanctuary, where the community and animals in need will come together to save lives.


But again, in the meantime while working towards this huge goal, WE HAD TO DO MORE!


It was in the fall of 2016 that we created our Tail Wagger foster program. We are so proud of the fact that we have found over 400 Tail Waggers their forever families, and we maintain an average of 40 foster dogs in our program at any given time. We have over 20+ dedicated and loyal foster families that are the reason for our successes and the precious lives saved!! Once we saw what our Tail Waggers meant to their new families, and what these families meant to our Tail Waggers, we knew then, WE HAD TO DO MORE!  


We then created our Community Influence Program! While in their foster homes, our Tail Waggers go out into the community to youth detention centers, senior citizen facilities, children's foster facilities, at-risk youth centers, and local hospital and doctor's offices. Our Tail Waggers bring hope, joy and unconditional love to these special populations of people. In return, these wonderful people help us socialize our Tail Waggers in all different types of situations to help get them ready for their forever homes. 

It was then that our mission was born! Saving Each Other -- People Saving Dogs, and Dogs Saving People Right Back! It is what we live by and what guides our entire organization every day. 


Along this journey we have also realized that we cannot rescue and adopt our way out of the needless pain and suffering so many unwanted dogs go through. We held the South County's first ever free monthly spay and neuter clinic for residents in need! We are so beyond excited for this very important program that will spare so many dogs a life of pain and neglect. We are dedicated to making an impact. 

Our story is just beginning. We will continue to improve, to learn, to grow, and to reinvent new and develop better ways to save as many lives as possible. We invite you to continue on this journey with us.

SCTW would like to thank our foster families, volunteers, supporters, and fellow rescue organizations!



South County Tail Waggers mission is Saving Each Other - People Saving Dogs, and Dogs Saving People Right Back! To promote this mission, our amazing, committed volunteers bring our Tail Waggers into the community. They work with organizations that serve seniors, children, and at risk-youth. These wonderful and special populations of people help socialize our pups to get them ready for their forever homes. In turn, our Tail Waggers bring them unconditional love and a renewed sense of hope and joy! It is such a rewarding experience for everyone. Find out how you can support our mission too.

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