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Does your dog have a unquenchable need to chew?

Hi! My name is Rusty! I am a proud South County Tail Wagger adopted when I was around 8 weeks old. My mom says I can be a bit naughty because I chew lots of things. Today, I tried to save my family from these horrible black things on the ground that squirts water. I proudly showed her my valiant, handiwork but she told me “NO!” I can’t help chewing; I’m only 8 months old now and I thought I was helping by removing these sprinklers and the shoes, random sticks and the patio furniture cushions. She tells me no every time but then she gives me lots of chew toys. But I still get bored really fast.

Today she gave me PorkComps! They taste way better than sprinkler heads and don’t get all mushy and smelly like some chew sticks. So far I have tried the roasted pork flavored PorkComps! Awesome! I heard my mom say that they are half the price of bully sticks, which is great because I love them and want more, more, more. I know it makes her happy that I chew low-fat, baked, pork skins rather than the side of the couch. I eat the whole thing so there is no mess to clean up like when I chewed other chew sticks or the down comforter! That was fun but I want to make my mom happy and she wants me to be a healthy pup! If you have a Tail Wagger that really likes to chew, they might like PorkChomps too. I’ll let you know all about my adventures as I grow up. Woof, Woof!

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