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At SCTW we consider rehoming dogs a very serious situation, as we consider them forever family members. We will always do our best to help dogs find forever homes and the families that they so deserve. Since we are a 100% volunteer-run organization, our resources are limited. Our focus is on the dogs that don't currently have homes or families and that are facing euthanasia. However, we also do not want to see dogs dumped at shelters or even worse yet, totally abandoned. We have included some very useful and education links below regarding rehoming. We are asking that people please lean on this information before contacting SCTW asking for help in rehoming. If you still need our help after reviewing this information, please take extra care in following these very specific steps. 

1) Collect your dogs up to date medical information and current pictures/videos


2) Attach these items in an email to and write in the subject line REHOMING


3) In this email please include the following: 


- Dog's name

- Age

- DOB if known

- Breed

- Where you obtained your dog

- How long have you had your dog

- Medical history

- Training history

- How they get along with other dogs, cats, kids, please be as specific as possible (i.e. He is good with small female dogs, but not large male dogs)

- Your dog's personality, likes, dislikes, triggers, quirks

- Your dog's history if they had a different family before you

- The current reasons you are deciding to rehome your dog

Lazy Dog

Once we get this information from you, please allow 5-7 business days for review. Please note, we might request further information from you. 


We also request a tax deductible donation to help cover our operating costs. While our volunteers are working hard at finding your dog a new home, we are not fundraising, etc.

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